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Why Some People Don’t Have Wills

October 18, 2018 GMT

People come up with all sorts of reasons for not having a will. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

• I don’t want to think about death.

• Only rich people need wills.

• I can’t afford a will.

• I don’t have time now.

• My family will divide things when I’m gone.

• I will do it just before I die.

You may be able to think of other reasons as well. The point is that these are only excuses. None of them are really valid for putting off one of the most important financial plans anyone ever makes.

Every adult needs a will, if for no other reason than to officially close out your affairs and to make sure that whatever assets you have go where you want them to go. Perhaps an even greater reason is to make life easier on the grieving loved ones you leave behind.


For those who ignore this crucial type of financial plan, West Virginia law will control the distribution of your estates assets, and the distribution may not be according to your wishes. In many respects, having a will prepared simplifies what happens to your estate.

Also completing medical and financial agreements to cover situations when you are unable to handle your own affairs is essential. Having that back-up authority permitting others to act in support of your needs is another vital step in providing the best results for all.

Think about it -- planning takes very little time in relation to the opportunity to assure the outcome you feel is most important.