Marilyn Monroe comes back as ghost in new novel

June 7, 2018 GMT

A sophomore at St. Marys University in Twickenham, England, faints and has an encounter with Marilyn Monroes ghost.

I dont think anyone has ever done the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, so its original from that point of view, said actor Lisa Ann Capozzi, a native Minnesotan who just self-published her 2015 masters thesis in fiction as the e-book Marilyn Returns.

Its a fantasy about Alex, who is trying to figure out if beauty brings popularity and success. Learning the secret of time travel, Alex visits the A-list Monroe, John Lennon, Michelangelo, Queen Liliuokalani and Charles Dickens. Alex goes on to play little tricks on people with Marilyn, the ghost, Capozzi said.


In researching the book, I interviewed photographer Joseph Jasgur, who met Marilyn when she was Norma Jeane and wanted to be a model. I went to Marilyns grave site, said Capozzi of the cemetery space that got renewed attention in 2017 when Hugh Hefner died. Hefner wanted to be buried next to her, so when Marilyn died he paid for her vault and then he bought the one next to her. Ken and I looked at vaults one section over, but he said we are too young.

Lisa and her actor husband, Ken Capozzi, who spent a stint living in Hawaii, returned to L.A. area a couple of years ago. In addition to acting, Ken whos up for a role in the upcoming film The Christmas Cabin is currently looking for a Christmas movie or artist to record Thats What Christmas Means to Me, a song he co-wrote with Larry Antonino from Pablo Cruise.

Ken noted that auditioning for acting roles has changed as we have gotten older. Because we are character actors, parts for us arent as plentiful as they used to be, but we still go [to auditions].

One of the last things I did was stand in for Rebel Wilson on a commercial, said Lisa. I continue to get more stand-in work for movie stars. [Stand-in work] means you go there and they light you because you are the same height or the same shape. I also did stand-in work for a famous Minnesota comedian who plays a woman on his hit FX show.

Lisas non-disclosure agreement made her cautious about dropping that name, but I think we know who.

Q: How did you get the idea for this book?

A: Thats a good question. I just have always had a fascination with Marilyn Monroe and her life and stardom. I also had read a lot of quotes from her and how she really had a sad personal life.

Q: What was the price she paid for fame, in your opinion?

A: Not having privacy and not having true love.


Q: Could Marilyn have had privacy and been a star in that era?

A: I dont think so. Back then, you couldnt really have privacy; the studios owned you. She was a very smart woman if you read about her. Well-read. I admired that about her. She never really met her true [love]. Arthur Miller was one of her husbands; they loved each other, but I think she kind of chose her career over that marriage.

Q: Was appearing spacey a strategy for surviving in Hollywood?

A: I think, back then, yeah. I think it continues to change but slowly. Smart women can make a difference in Hollywood, but its still run by men.

Q: What have you realized about yourself as you researched Marilyn?

A: I would never compare myself to Marilyn, but in doing research I have come to realize ... Ive got a bit of her glamour in me. Inside I still feel glamorous and special. I like to think I am pretty intelligent, well-read. My life is so fortunate in that I did find the love of my life. Ken is the best, and this magical mystery tour that weve had 22 years of marriage weve shared it in the business and continue to be in the business but its not a priority. Our lives, our little dog, our happiness is primary, not fame and fortune.

Q: Any theories about what precipitated Marilyns untimely demise?

A: I think in her heart she had already died. She was heartbroken because she was alone. I feel that. I kind of think she accidentally overdosed, like so many stars, like Prince [who would have been 60 Thursday; Marilyn would have been 92 June 1] and so many other stars who are brilliant. Sometimes they dont have someone to caretake when they rise to stardom like that. There are so many who dont have anyone to mind their backs.

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