Activist voices opposition to legal Illinois marijuana sales

November 29, 2018 GMT

CHICAGO (AP) — An opponent to legal marijuana in Illinois says it will allow white corporate exploitation of minority customers.

Chicago activist the Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston on Wednesday called the effort to take over a lucrative illegal market “a gangsta move worthy of Al Capone.” He added “profit is the motive,” in legalizing the drug. Illinois has already decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Livingston was joined in voicing opposition to legal marijuana sales by members of Healthy and Productive Illinois. That is a group that opposes legalization and is supported by Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a national anti-cannabis organization.


Gov. Bruce Rauner signed legislation this summer that expands medical marijuana use to people prescribed opioids. The move increased the number of medical marijuana users by more than 46,000 patients.

Democrat governor-elect J.B. Pritzker has said he hopes to legalize cannabis soon after he takes office.