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Kaia Gerber takes career advice from Cindy Crawford

October 24, 2017 GMT

Kaia Gerber feels inspired by her mother Cindy Crawford.

The 16-year-old model has followed her mother onto the catwalk, and Kaia has revealed she’s constantly picking up little life tips from the fashion icon as she seeks to establish herself in the industry.

The teenage model explained: “She gives me advice for life more than modeling, like ‘Be on time,’ which is really important in the industry we’re both in.

“And to be kind to everyone. Everyone that I’ve worked with says she’s the most professional person that they work with, so I could only hope that they say the something about me.”

Kaia is frequently compared to her iconic mother, and while she concedes there are some physical similarities, she insisted they have distinctly different personalities.

Kaia told E! News: “My mom and I aren’t the same size. She’s a bit taller. And we’re not the same shoe size either, which is heartbreaking.


“I know that we have a lot of the same mannerisms and, obviously, look a little bit alike, but yeah, I’d say we have different senses of humor and stuff like that.”

As well as relying on her mother for career advice, Kaia has also been inspired by the recent success of Kendall Jenner.

In particular, Kaia has been impressed by how Kendall has managed to strike a balance between her career and her personal life.

She said: “I think [Kendall] does a really good job about having a life outside of [work] and staying with your friends and not separating yourself too much, so I’ve just kind of learned that from her.”

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Cindy revealed she was more concerned about her daughter’s driving skills than her burgeoning modelling career.

Cindy said: “My daughter just got her driver’s license. I’m a lot more concerned about her driving by herself than her entering the world of modeling.”