Alabama university joins in partnership with Grenada school

FLORENCE, Ala. (AP) — The University of North Alabama has become the first school in the state to begin a direct-admission partnership with a medical school in the southern Caribbean.

The university, located in northwest Alabama, has started a new program that will let qualified graduates who meet requirements gain immediate admission to St. George’s University, which has medical and veterinary schools on the island nation of Grenada. The new program was announced in a joint statement by the schools.

“Our program offers students a seamless transition along the way to these vital professions, both of which are currently facing extreme shortages,” said Dr. G. Richard Olds, president of St. George’s University.

Any student offered a spot in the medical school is guaranteed a $10,000 scholarship and a free trip to the island to visit the school, according to the statement.

The university said it has similar partnerships with 18 other schools in California, New York, Washington, and elsewhere. The school calls itself the top provider into first-year U.S. medical residency programs for the last 12 years combined.