‘Infrastructure Week’ & ‘Porter Week’ shams: Darcy cartoon

February 14, 2018 GMT

‘Infrastructure Week’ & ‘Porter Week’ shams: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Like President Trump’s last ‘Infrastructure Week’ this latest ‘Infrastructure Week’ has been obscured by dust from more Trump administration dysfunction.

It’s now ‘Porter Week’ as the administration’s spin on the Porter scandal crumbles, along with chief of staff John Kelly’s credibility and job security.

In testimony before the U.S. Senate, FBI Director Christopher Wray completely discredited White House officials explanations for why they kept a credibly accused, multiple wife-beater in a top position with access to classified information.

Calling it ‘Sham Week’ would be more accurate. Just as the White House spin on Porter is a sham, so is the infrastructure plan President Trump unveiled Monday.

Trump’s touted $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan will require broke cities and states to foot most of the cost of fixing the nation’s broken infrastructure.


Under the “Art of the Deal” author’s deal, the federal government’s contribution to the $1.5 trillion plan will come from making $200 billion in cuts to other projects and programs.

Trump can’t afford to properly fund needed infrastructure repairs for the masses while making up for his generous tax cut giveaway to the nation’s wealthiest.

Another sham is the claim that fixing the nation’s infrastructure is something both Republicans and Democrats can get behind in Congress. The reason infrastructure plans repeatedly fall apart is because Republicans and Democrats will not get behind them. House Speaker Paul Ryan would much rather destroy entitlement programs than rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.

Kelley was derelict in his duty in not firing Rob Porter in 2017. And Congress has been derelict in it’s duty in allowing the decay of the nation’s foundation. Our infrastructure will remain compromised as long Congress remains compromised. Proceed at your own risk.