Outage impacting Danbury traffic lights

October 4, 2018 GMT

DANBURY - Traffic lights along several major streets in the city’s downtown are without power due to a downed electric line on White Street.

More than 200 customers in the city are without power and traffic lights aren’t working on several local roads including White Street near Western Connecticut State University, Garamella Boulevard, Osborne Street and Maple Avenue.

Police officers are out in force placing stop signs and helping to direct traffic in the impacted locations.

Officials with Eversource said they believe a downed wire on White Street is causing many of the power issues, but crews are still in the process of isolating the exact cause. Crews are working to reroute the power from the impacted lines to restore service to impacted areas.


Drivers meanwhile are being urged to cautious on the effected streets until the matter is resolved.