Letter: Horton’s ‘Biased picture’

April 12, 2018 GMT

Dear editor,

I read Bob Horton column with confusion. By way of full disclosure, I am a constituent of Sen. Scott Frantz and a supporter. However, I had reservations about how he was going to vote concerning Justice Andrew McDonald becoming chief justice. As a Stamford resident, I have known Andrew for many years and wanted to understand why Senator Frantz was voting against.

In email exchanges, individual and group conversations recently, Senator Frantz took pains to explain areas of concern he had about Justice McDonald’s record as a state senator.

Perhaps most egregious for me, was then-Senator McDonald’s strong support for eliminating the death penalty in Connecticut. He voted in favor of this legislation and it passed with the caveat that those currently on death row, including the heinous murderers of that awful tragedy in Cheshire where a mother and two daughters were brutally murdered, would remain on death row. McDonald wanted them off, the Legislature did not. It was the compromise that allowed the legislation to pass.


Once confirmed to the Supreme Court, Justice McDonald used his position to accomplish what he could not as a Democratic Senator in a Democratic Legislature — he voted for a complete repeal of the death penalty and for those on death row. It was a controversial ruling and only passed 4-3 because of Justice McDonald’s vote. Given his previous political positions on the issue he should have recused, but did not.

Senator Frantz also explained in detail several examples of what can only be described as judicial activism and several additional examples when Justice McDonald should have recused himself but did not.

Bob Horton painted a very biased picture of Senator Frantz without any mention of the very public reasons why he did not vote for Mr. McDonald. Granted Bob Horton is a columnist, not a journalist, but I have to wonder if he even spoke with Senator Frantz about his reasons for not voting for Mr. McDonald?

Or was he just in a hurry to write a sensationalized column without the benefit of fact?

Tom Lombardo of Stamford is a member of the Republican State Central Committee from the 36th District representing Greenwich, North Stamford and the western part of New Canaan