Richard W Hawkins: Constitutional debate

March 25, 2019 GMT

Editor: It was a pleasure reading Glenn Miller’s March 23 letter entitled “Oppose Trump’s Emergency” as it very rare to read any letters that address our rule-by-law through the US Constitution. However, his conclusion falls short of the existing laws of the land that are now based on an arbitrarily interpreted, progressive-era, living, breathing constitution.

Congress gave the President the authority to declare emergencies via the National Emergency Act and the Supreme Court has validated that authority. Trump has already invoked national emergency powers on three occasions, adding to the 28 earlier national emergency measures that remain in effect.

Unfortunately, our Congress critters have been abdicating their responsibilities and oaths of office for at least 100 years to the detriment of the nation and We the People. But we can’t really blame our Congress critters because it is an ignorant or indifferent We the People that put them there. In addition, our mass media has abdicated its role of being the watchmen on the wall to warn us of unconstitutional acts committed by our civil government officials along with a centrally controlled education system that does a very poor job regarding history and civics education.

Richard W Hawkins

Lake Havasu City