SD Supreme Court: Teen didn’t make terrorist threats

July 8, 2021 GMT

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — A student who uttered the word “bomb” at school and said he wanted to kill someone while holding a pair of scissors shouldn’t have been found delinquent, the South Dakota Supreme Court has ruled.

KELO-TV reported that the court ruled unanimously Wednesday to reverse Circuit Judge Kent Shelton’s finding that the 15-year-old student’s actions didn’t meet the legal standards for making a terrorist threat.

According to the ruling, the student was sent to the principal’s office at his high school in January 2020 for “egging on” a student with a behavioral issue.

An office assistant said she heard the boy say the word “bomb” as he was walking in and out of the office, said something about killing someone, grabbed a pair of scissors and said he could just kill someone. He then put the scissors down, laughed, said he was only kidding, sat down, left, came back and laid on the floor, the assistant said.


The court’s ruling does not name the high school and refers to the student only as I.T.B.

Justice Scott Myren wrote that police didn’t find any explosive devices, not enough context exists around the student saying “bomb” to determine he was threatening violence and only one person heard him make the remarks while holding the scissors.