Jury sides with police in Ohio improper use of force trial

December 22, 2021 GMT

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A jury on Wednesday rejected civil rights violations alleged by a man who accused officers in Ohio’s capital city of using improper force when they arrested him more than four years ago.

Lawyers for Timothy Davis said Columbus police officers verbally abused, punched, and kicked Davis as well as pulled out his hair and stripped him naked from the waist down during the September 2017 arrest.

A lawsuit also accused officers of trying to block bystanders from filming the arrest.

The city denied the allegations, saying police acted properly when they arrested Davis on several warrants for violent crimes including assaulting an officer. The city also denied officers tried to block the filming of the arrest.


The jury issued a verdict denying all claims against nine officers and the city of Columbus.

The city has acknowledged that remarks by an officer at the scene were “inappropriate” but said the officer wasn’t involved in taking Davis into custody.

“I’m going to choke the life out of you,” the officer said at one point, referring to how he would have handled the arrest.

Zach Klein, Columbus city attorney, said, “We’re grateful for the jury who took their time to consider all of the facts and evidence when deciding this case, and we respect their decision.”

A message was left with Davis’ attorney seeking comment.