Fargo police to report hate crimes to city commissioners

July 13, 2021 GMT

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — City commissioners in Fargo have directed the police department to present them with hate crime findings.

“I’m going to be reporting on the hate crimes in terms of whether or not the city ordinance was issued or reports where the city ordinance was applied or federal law was applied. Our current hate crimes are reviewed if they meet the elements of the federal law by the U.S. attorney’s office,” Fargo Police Department Chief, Dave Zibolski said.

Zibolski said the reports will help determine whether the city’s ordinance on hate crimes is effective.

“With the new hate crimes ordinance we’ll have some additional and potential ordinance violations. So, we’ll track those as well in terms of how many of those come in and we’ll add in the prosecution piece. So, what was prosecuted so they have reported in terms of is the ordinance is effective in a sense or how often is it used,” Zibolski told KVRR-TV.


Eleven cases were investigated as potential hate crimes this year, “but through the course of the investigation none of those could be shown to be hate crime related in terms of the ability to prosecute them,” Zibolski said.

Zibolski said reports of hate crimes are posted on the department’s website monthly.