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Woman’s Wish to Be Buried in Cadillac Granted

November 10, 1989 GMT

AURORA, Ind. (AP) _ A woman was buried Friday in the back of her beloved red Cadillac convertible, said funeral home officials.

Aurora Schuck told her husband, Raymond, about 10 years ago that she wanted to be buried with her 1976 Cadillac, so Schuck bought 14 plots at the Riverview Cemetery.

″The casket is going to be placed on the back of the car. The top’s down, so it will just be placed on that, across the back,″ said a spokesman for Rullman Funeral Home who would not give his name.

Mrs. Schuck, a native of Cuba, died Tuesday of cancer at age 62.


Terry Adams, superintendent of the cemetery, said the cemetery board had approved the unusual burial.

A construction company dug a grave large enough for the car. The Cadillac was lifted with a crane and placed into a vault, which measured 27 feet by 12 feet and was 6 feet deep, Adams said.