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Neighbor Accused of Kidnapping; Police Search For Girls’ Bodies

October 8, 1996 GMT

DRYDEN, N.Y. (AP) _ An ex-convict who lived next door to one of two missing high school cheerleaders was charged Tuesday with kidnapping the girls, while police said they have found body parts of the 16-year-olds.

John B. Andrews, 31, is accused of abducting Sarah Hajney of McLean and Jennifer Bolduc of Dryden, who were reported missing by their parents Friday after they didn’t show up at Dryden High School.

The girls spent Thursday night at the Hajney home, next door to Andrews’ house, with a 17-year-old male friend while Hajney’s parents were in Maine, police said.


The girls were last seen Friday morning and the family car was found later that day in Cortland, several miles from McLean. Andrews, a computer lathe operator, was arrested Monday night at his job in a Cortland factory.

Police said he matched the description of the balding, heavy-set suspect wearing yellow gloves seen Friday near the Hajney car in Cortland.

Police began finding body parts of the girls late Sunday across several miles of Chenango County, about 30 miles east of McLean, state police Maj. Arthur Hawker said. He refused to give details.

Authorities were concentrating their search around a pondside cabin in heavy woods near Otselic.

Hawker also declined to comment on radio reports that crushed bone fragments and bloody rags were found at a Chenango County campsite that belongs to a relative of Andrews.

Andrews refused to cooperate with authorities in the search, Hawker said. He was held without bail on a charge of first-degree kidnapping, which presumes the victim died during the abduction. He could get up to life in prison if convicted.

Andrews, who grew up in the area and graduated from Dryden High School in 1984, was convicted in 1991 of burglary, aggravated assault and breaking and entering, military officials said.

Authorities said he broke into an airman’s apartment at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany and beat the man’s wife with a barbell.

Andrews spent 3 1/2 years in the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force in 1994, prison spokesman Sgt. Al Cappel said.

Andrews, his wife and young son live in the house where Hajney was born and grew up. The Hajneys moved to another location in McLean five or six years ago and Andrews moved into the home about a year ago.


Hajney’s family moved back next door in July or early August. Both homes were built by Hajney’s grandfather.

There was nothing to indicate Andrews had harassed or stalked the girls, Hawker said. But he said Andrews and the Hajneys would have had contact in some form since they lived about 15 yards apart for more than two months.

On Monday, residents set up a memorial outside the McLean fire station, down the hill from the Hajney home. Mourners piled flowers and stuffed animals on a table next to the girls’ photos.

A preliminary hearing for Andrews was scheduled for Friday. McLean is 45 miles south of Syracuse.