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Police: Woman Is Tortured and Slain

November 18, 1997 GMT

DETROIT (AP) _ Nancy Rae Billiter’s death was torturously slow.

Bound with nylons and gagged with a washrag, the 45-year-old waitress was injected Nov. 12 with some kind of corrosive liquid _ perhaps battery acid, sulfuric acid or bleach _ apparently because she overheard her roommate confess to murder, police say.

Ultimately, police say, Ms. Billiter choked to death on her own blood after being beaten in the face with a pistol and fists in her basement in suburban West Bloomfield Township.

Authorities believed Ms. Billiter was killed by her housemate, Carol Giles, 28, and Ms. Giles’ boyfriend, Timmy Collier, 26, after she heard the two discuss the slaying of Ms. Giles’ husband.

The defendants ``believed she was dangerous in possession of this information,″ prosecutor John O’Brien said Tuesday.

Two days after her slaying, Ms. Billiter’s corpse was found without identification at a fishing site near Flint, 50 miles away. Police traced an insignia on her shirt to the restaurant where she worked, and questioned her housemate. Collier and Ms. Giles were arrested over the weekend.

Ms. Billiter was injected at least eight times, in the neck, chest, arms and legs, and the substance burned her body from the inside out, said L.J. Dragovic, Oakland County medical examiner.

``In the grand scheme of things, it’s just a different example of how horrific murder can be,″ O’Brien said.

Until recently, police had no reason to suspect anything other than natural causes in the Sept. 28 death of Ms. Giles’ husband, Jesse Giles, who weighed 400-plus pounds. Giles had suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure and circulatory woes that produced at least one heart attack and a stroke.

However, while being questioned in Ms. Billiter’s death, Ms. Giles admitted killing her husband by injecting heroin into his insulin, prosecutor James Halushka said.

No charges have been filed in Giles’ death. O’Brien said he will ask a judge for permission to exhume the body to verify the cause of death.

Collier and Ms. Giles were jailed without bail for a Dec. 1 preliminary hearing on murder charges carrying a possible life sentence.