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John Wayne Gacy’s Execution Brings Some Solace to Victims’ Relatives With PM-Gacy Execution,

May 10, 1994 GMT

John Wayne Gacy’s Execution Brings Some Solace to Victims’ Relatives With PM-Gacy Execution, Bjt

JOLIET, Ill. (AP) _ They huddled around a 9-inch TV set in the prison basement, awaiting word that John Wayne Gacy had been put to death.

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters - 23 relatives of Gacy’s 33 young victims - had come to see his execution and maybe gain some solace from their shared grief. A phone call brought the news shortly before 1 a.m.

There was relief, but there were no cheers or joy. Instead, there were painful memories and tears.


″Everybody has lost today,″ said Kari Cahoon, sister of victim Rick Johnston. ″We lost our relatives. His family lost their father. He lost his life. There’s a lot of losing going around, but hopefully we can finally call it over.″

″We were victims here, too,″ said Tim Nieder, brother of John Mowery. ″I feel like justice has finally been served, but it’s been a long time in the making.″

Gacy’s victims included male prostitutes and street kids he picked up for sex, as well as youths he hired in his remodeling business. The slayings spanned more than five years, but Gacy wasn’t arrested until he came under suspicion in the death of Rob Piest, a 15-year-old to whom Gacy had offered a $5-an-hour construction job.

″The weight is definitely off my shoulders now that he’s gone,″ said Eugenia Godzik, sister of Greg Godzik. ″I’m glad he gone, but it’s never really over. I don’t have anybody left. My brother is gone and the whole incident really is what killed my parents.″

Other relatives complained that Gacy had robbed them of their loved ones and that the state had stolen from them the right to see the killer die. Several had asked to witness the execution, but prison officials refused, fearing a confrontation between Gacy’s relatives and those of his victims. ″My son was 14 years old,″ said an angry Sherry Moreno, mother of Michael Moreno. ″Parents should be given the rights first, mothers should be given the first and my son should be remembered.″

None of Gacy’s relatives were present at the execution, however. The twice- divorced Gacy had two children.