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Helicopter Escapee Who Shot in Attempted Bank Robbery In Coma

September 28, 1986 GMT

PARIS (AP) _ Michel Vaujour, the convict who was plucked from the roof of a Paris penitentiary by his helicopter-flying wife in a daring escape last May, was in a coma Sunday from a head wound suffered in a gun fight with police.

He and two accomplices were captured Friday in a shootout with police as the trio attempted to rob a bank Friday in eastern Paris. Vajour’s wife, Nadine, was arrested Saturday in a hideout in southwestern France.

Officials at the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital said Vaujour, 34, is in a coma and his doctors would not say if they believe he will recover.


Police on Sunday identified the two accomplices seized with Vaujour as Francois Klatt, 40, and Klatt’s brother-in-law Philippe Jacquemet, 35, both from a district near Reims in northeastern France. French press reports said police had established that Vaujour and the two men had pulled off another bank robbery earlier, getting the equivalent of $75,000.

Vaujour’s wife was arrested in the Dordogne region and was returned to Paris Sunday for questioning about Vaujour’s escape from La Sante prison on May 26 and the couple’s activities since then.

Mrs. Vaujour, after taking flying lessons for months, rented a helicopter and flew across central Paris to the prison, where her husband was waiting on the roof. He climbed aboard and they flew to a soccer field and then escaped on foot. He was serving an 18-year sentence for armed robbery and the attempted murder of a policeman. It was his fourth prison escape since 1973.

One press report said the couple had managed to pick up their two daughters, Marlene, 12, and Betty, 5, from Mrs. Vaujour’s mother even though the family was under police surveillance.

It said the Vaujours apparently lived unnoticed by their neighbors in a small town near Paleyrac in the Dordogne.

Vaujour’s identity was not known to police after the gun battle until they had completed a check of his fingerprints and tattoos.