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Dakota Fanning mothers her sister Elle

December 17, 2017 GMT

Dakota Fanning is like a second mom to her sister Elle.

The 23-year-old actress admitted she is picking up some of the same habits and mannerisms that her mother has, much to the annoyance of her equally famous younger sibling.

She said: “Elle thinks I’m turning into our mom, which I guess is inevitable for everybody, I don’t know.

“She’s like, ‘You and Mom - you’re like two moms’.

“Our mom is constant reminder of ‘Don’t forget to do this’ and ‘Don’t forget to do that’ and I am turning into a reminder. I can’t help it.”

Though Dakota and Elle, 19, are close nowadays, the ‘Alienist’ actress admits that hadn’t always been the case.

She told Marie Claire magazine: “There are a few years where you’re with experiencing such different things, age nine and 13 - nothing in common. 12 and 16 - we didn’t know what to do with each other.

“Now as she’s getting older and I’m getting older, we’re getting closer and that’s really lovely.”


While the sisters are both actresses, they don’t talk too much about their careers with one another.

Dakota said: “All if a sudden it kind of happened and we kept going because we enjoyed it. But we don’t talk about it that much.

“We have our own separate relationship with what we do. We’ve never felt the need to get into it.”

But the ‘Runaways’ star insists there wouldn’t be a problem if they went up for the same part.

She said: “We’ve had scenarios where we’ve gone to meet the same person and it’s totally fine.

“To us, we’re so different.”