Join the conversation on Danbury youth football

May 18, 2019 GMT

I recently wrote a Letter to the Editor questioning the need for two youth tackle leagues in Danbury. This was in follow-up to a very positive Q&A session with Coach Tieri and members of his coaching staff at Danbury High School, and about 20 or so parents and many of the players from the DEA spring football league here in town.

From that session it was clear to see that the players were agnostic as to where they played, they were more interested in playing together. They, the children, were tired of the lack of unity amongst football players of the same age groups; sitting across the lunchroom table from a friend who played for the other team.


As parents we witnessed how wonderful it was as Danbury was united on the practice field, and how excited in general the kids were to all be playing together, and then, sadly, having this excitement turn into animosity on social media as things on the field turned south pinning Trojans vs. Hatters.

Last fall, we saw rosters nearly half of what they could be if the leagues were together, and kids having to play up into higher age brackets to fill them out. We saw unproductive practices due to low numbers, kids going to other towns to avoid the politics, and losing records. It is time for a change.

As with any change, there would be pluses and minuses, and I am not suggesting that one league needs to fold. But I do think there is likely a better, more collaborative, way. At the very least, we need to hear from the two leagues and get all of the information. Coach Tieri has been working hard to try to make this happen; a meeting that includes all parents of Youth Football players here in Danbury, along with the heads of the two leagues.

As of now, it is set to happen this Monday evening, May 20, at 7 p.m. in the Danbury High School auditorium.

The differences between the two organizations are minor. Please join the conversation!

John Arizzi