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Darien police: Special needs teen coerced out of $700

December 9, 2017 GMT

DARIEN — A special needs teen was coerced into making a withdrawl from his bank account, and Darien police hope the public can help them identify one or both of the suspects.

On Nov. 29, a woman reported to Darien police that her 18-year-old son was at Norwalk Community College when he was approached by a male who asked about his banking situation.

“The male (suspect) stated he needed to cash checks for his financial aid, and ultimately convinced the victim to assist him using his bank account,” Darien police said.

Police said the suspect drove the victim to the TD Bank at 55 Post Road in Darien. And, police said, there was also a second male suspect in the car at the time.

The victim went to the bank’s ATM and deposited the checks with one of the two suspects next to him. The victim then withdrew $700 and gave it to the suspect. The suspect then drove the victim back to NCC.


“The victim reports he was never treated or forced to do anything at any time,” Darien police said. “It was later determined that the checks the victim deposited were drawn on a closed account.”

Through an investigation, Darien police were able to get a photo of someone who matches the physical and clothing description provided by the victim. The other suspect is believed to drive a white, newer model Chevrolet Sedan.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Darien Police Department Detective Bureau at 203-662-5330.