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Jaclyn Smith Says She’s a Mother First

May 4, 2005 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Jaclyn Smith’s favorite role these days is mother to her grown children. Son Gaston was born in 1982 and daughter Spencer arrived in 1985 _ the only dates she remembers.

``Other than that, numbers go out of my head,″ Smith said. ``It’s like from their births on, that’s when my life really began.″

The 57-year-old former ``Charlie’s Angels″ star is married to fourth husband Brad Allen, a heart surgeon who practices in Smith’s hometown of Houston. Her children’s father is British cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond.

Smith’s latest role is playing a divorced, career-driven judge in ``Ordinary Miracles,″ a movie airing Saturday on the Hallmark Channel. She takes a sullen 16-year-old girl into her home and reunites the abandoned teenager with the father she never knew.

``We need more positive messages,″ Smith said. ``I’ve seen what people are watching and I’m not too pleased with a lot of it. Our children are getting desensitized. I want something positive instead of a front-page murder or a disease-of-the-week. Let’s have more things that are uplifting, something with a message and a moral.″


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