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Some Background on Terry McAuliffe

February 9, 2001 GMT

Some background about Terry McAuliffe and details of his plans as new chairman of the Democratic National Committee:


Age: 43.

Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.

Start in politics: At age 7 collected money from Democrats attending a fund-raiser in Syracuse (his father was treasurer of the county Democrats) and grew up in Democratic politics.

Career: Has been chairman of a Washington bank, has run a Florida real estate company and a lobbying firm. He has been at the head of numerous national political efforts, most often focused on fund raising.


Family: Wife Dorothy and three daughters, one son ages 1 to 9.

Quote: Referring to his first political event at age 7 _ ``They had a fund-raising event. Nobody got in that door unless I got 50 dollars from them. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, 35 years later I’m still making sure that they pay.″


_Help states update their voter files and campaign training.

_Get the national party involved in all levels of Democratic activities from congressional redistricting to local elections.

_Increase the size of the national Democratic Party’s research and communications team to step up the level of activity responding to Republican actions.

_Work steadily for electoral changes that will avoid the problems faced in the 2000 election. His goals include overhauling the campaign finance system and getting better voting machines in use and voter intimidation reduced.