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Green New Deal is thinking big -- Mark K. Allen

March 1, 2019 GMT

The Chicago Tribune editorial that ran in the Feb. 25 State Journal asks why the New Green Deal will not go away.

The answer is simple. The problem it addresses will not go away.

We know climate change is happening and humans are significantly contributing to the problem. The Tribune’s article both acknowledges the problem and ridicules a proposed solution. Yes, the Green New Deal is ambitious, but far more moderate plans have also been ridiculed.

The Paris Climate Agreement was one such approach to the problem. It was ridiculed by Republicans. Then President Donald Trump pulled America from the agreement.

So why not go big.

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., represents many of the young people of this country, and the world is asking us to start addressing the climate problem. The burden of climate change will fall on these young people, and they have a right to demand action. We often tell our children to think big -- well, they have done that, and I for one will support them.

Mark K. Allen, Madison