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Trump, not Evers, politicized Guard -- Cmdr. Daniel Bach

March 7, 2019 GMT

In response to Friday’s letter to the editor “Evers politicizes the National Guard,” I would counter that it is President Donald Trump who is doing the politicizing.

Sending these honorable people away from their families to the nation’s southern border just prior to the 2018 election was a political stunt from the get-go. The Border Patrol can handle the border perfectly well on its own. There is no border emergency, and no need for a wall. President Trump’s emergency declaration is the real disgrace.

The writer said “the armed forces of our state and nation do not serve liberal talking points. Gov. Evers’ actions slap the face of current service members and veterans, such as myself.” In reality, it is Trump’s action that are a slap in the face to service members. And yes, I’m a 22-year retired Navy commander.


I applaud Gov. Ever’s decision to bring these troops back to Wisconsin and to their families where they belong.

Cmdr. Daniel Bach, Madison, U.S. Navy, retired