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Dear Sir

November 22, 2018 GMT

President Donald Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Accord on climate change. As a consequence, several large cities have taken action to try and accomplish the goals of the Accord themselves. Some have said they want to go to all renewable, no hydrocarbons, by 2030.

These kinds of decisions are not even worthy of a kindergarten student, they are so poorly thought out. I think their intention is to end the use of hydrocarbons as motor fuels and as fuel for power generation.

But are there not other things that come from hydrocarbons? Here are just a few: all plastics, tires, clothing, fertilizer, pesticides, carpeting, asphalt, paint, alcohol, lubricating greases and oils, battery cases, automobile bodies as well as seats, toilet seats, dishes, insulation, roofing.


Sure, with wind and solar, we can substitute wood toilet seats, metal car bodies, sail boats. But what about airplanes? There is simply no way they could haul enough batteries for even a short trip.

Here is a list of at least 6,000 items made from oil, but I am sure there are many others: whgbetc.com/petro-products.pdf.

Jim Hollingsworth,

Hayden, Idaho