Your Turn: Sept. 2

September 1, 2018 GMT

We see — reallyRe: “What’s dragging down Trump,” Other Views by Marc A. Thiessen, Friday:Thiessen asks, “How can a president as successful as Donald Trump be so unpopular?” Really?He cites “Trump’s economic boom” and yet his approval rating remains low. In fact, it’s gotten lower since the inauguration. He laments it must be Trump’s refusal to denounce racists. Well, duh, yes, that’s a good start. He probably can’t denounce them as he has shown to be one himself as well. We Americans see that.As far for the economic boom, Trump has shouted that he was passed a bad hand with an economy going down. Trump claims to have accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions. Really?In the 17 months before Trump took office, the U.S. economy created more jobs than in his first 17 months in office. In the most recent GDP quarterly report, the economy grew at an annual rate of 4.1 percent. That’s good news. However, Trump ignores that it grew even faster in several quarters during Barack Obama’s years.In Trump’s first year, economic growth reached 2.3 percent. Not bad, but it was better in 2010, 2014 and 2015. Job growth actually fell to a six-year low during Trump’s first year. Trump calls himself an economic miracle worker. Lies. We Americans see that.Finally, the current Omarosa Manigualt Newman episode highlights a glaring truth about Trump and his administration. Omarosa and other former members secretly recorded conversations and meetings. The only conclusion is that while falsely extolling the virtues of Trump and of each other, secret recordings are taken to protect themselves from those same players who possess no virtue in truth. We Americans see that. Really.Carlos Saavedra, Shavano ParkFake commentaryRe: “America must first define racism,” Another View by Kevin Cokley, Aug. 24:Cokley quotes the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism report that states for 2017 there was an increase in hate crimes of 12.5 percent in the largest 10 U.S. cities. Cokley’s commentary was on defining racism.This study was mostly about Los Angeles and California hate crimes, with some national stats. He uses this study to prove his point on increased racism and that President Donald Trump is responsible. The stats he uses include mostly religious and sexual-orientation crimes, which are also hate crimes, not race crimes.Another example of twisted stats to make a point against Trump: The study also shows hate crimes up and down between 2010 and 2013 but on a steady rise through 2017. The study also states for the first half of 2018, hate crime numbers are down but does not forecast that trend for the whole year.This was commentary, not news, but it is still fake — twisting data to prove a point. Check out the report online (https://csbs.csusb.edu/hate-and-extremism-center). Good luck to his students!Phil FerroMcRaven a patriotRe: “Court-martial him,” Your Turn, Aug. 24:As a former member of the U.S. armed forces and a retired professor of history, I am quite familiar with the Uniform Code of Military Justice and beg to differ with retired Col. James D. Vinci’s opinionated allegation of retired Adm. William McRaven’s “contemptuous words against the president.”Reading McRaven’s transcript, a rational person would not discern “contempt” but rather the informed opinion of a true American patriot with dedicated leadership experience in military intelligence and actions that actually eliminated an enemy of our nation.McRaven views the present occupant of the Oval Office as unfit and lacking the selflessness to provide national security and domestic tranquility. McRaven’s view does not constitute “contempt” but a sincere desire for dignity and truth.After reading about Trump’s derision of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, plus “Your Turn” letters, citizens by now see that the one common denominator to our country’s domestic and international problems is the person of Donald Trump.Carlos Valle Jr., LaredoLesser Senate evilIn this Senate race, it appears we will have to pick between the lesser of two evils.Sen. Ted Cruz accepts contributions from special interest groups and U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke states he doesn’t. Cruz did not follow through on his word to not endorse Donald Trump.I guess for me, the decision is who has the ability to make a firm stand on an issue instead of wanting to play the middle ground.O’Rourke will not say it is wrong for NFL players to kneel during the playing of the national anthem. He wants to be friends to both sides just to get elected. Not taking a firm stand on the national anthem issue is a slap in the face to all of our military who have fought and lost their lives for our freedom as Americans.Gary Kennedy, Schertz’911; please hold’On Aug. 5, at around 9 p.m., while my wife and I were watching TV, an intruder started breaking out the window in my door.I dialed 911 and was put on hold. My wife and I went out the front door while the intruder came in the back. We went next door to a neighbor’s house. We got inside, but I still was on hold. Ten minutes after I called, 911 answered.During the 10 minutes we could have been hurt or worse. I worry about me and my wife but also about someone having a heart attack or stroke. The people of Bexar County are paying to have the 911 service be there in an emergency.County Judge Nelson Wolff, I am sure, would do something if it were him having an emergency and he was put on hold. The people of Bexar County deserve better. They keep having to pay ever-increasing taxes and are receiving services that are less than adequate. Something needs to be done.I have reported this to the Leon Valley Police Department and nothing is being done. KSAT or one of the other television stations should cover this so all people know there is a very impending danger in Bexar County. I hope the people never have to use the 911 service, but if you do, you are really taking a chance you may be put on hold.Tommy Branson, Leon Valley