Russian allegation should trouble all -- Robert Stanley

January 18, 2019 GMT

At a time when yet another distracting, shiny object (the wall) is dangled before Americans, we now learn that the FBI has credible evidence and reason to investigate whether or not Donald Trump is a Russian agent.

Just think about that for a moment. A serious question has been raised as to whether the president is working with a foreign adversary against America’s interests. This should be a red flag to all patriotic Americans -- one with a huge hammer and sickle on it.

If President Trump is not a Russian agent -- with his continuing denial of (the proven) Russian election meddling, his actions to weaken or destroy NATO, and his support of all things Putin -- how would we know the difference? It is time to wake up, America, and see what is plainly in front of us.


It is fine to have an open mind, but not so open that one’s brains fall out.

Robert Stanley, Middleton