Duryea Family Charged In Library-area Ruckus

December 8, 2017 GMT

PITTSTON — Several members of a Duryea family charged in connection with disturbances at the Pittston Library and City Hall in September claimed the arresting officers treated them unfairly and were working on behalf of President Donald Trump, according to arrest papers. Police say they encountered Justin Sonera, 20, of Foote Avenue, outside the library on Sept. 30 and then his parents at the police department at City Hall when they came to complain about his arrest. Investigators say Sonera and several others were harassing people at the library, including a smoker who refused to give the group a cigarette. Members of the group were yelling and cursing and using racial slurs about various people while an emergency services training course was taking place at the library, police said in court documents filed Thursday. Investigators said the group was ordered to disperse the area, but Sonera refused and loudly berated police. “(Expletive) you. I don’t have to listen to what you say,” he said, according to police. After multiple warnings to cease, police say Sonera was taken into custody. Police said Sonera was recording police during the incident, so police took his cell phone as evidence, saying he recorded himself committing crimes. His parents, Sangel Sonera, 38, and Susan Sonera, 37, later visited the police station to complain. Police allowed them inside the locked building. They refused to leave after police explained the situation to them, police said. Sangel Sonera then demanded to be arrested as well, police said. The entire family then started yelling at police, accusing them of alleged brutality that police said never happened. “They were all yelling, cursing and telling officers that we worked for Donald Trump,” police wrote, noting that people were filing into church at the time. Each member of the family was charged with failure of disorderly persons to disperse, trespassing, and disorderly conduct. Contact the writer: bkalinowski@citizensvoice.com 570-821-2055, @cvbobkal