It Is Done: Monday event brings Sioux City 2016 campaigning to end

November 7, 2016 GMT

So, the final count is Donald Trump, 1, Mike Pence, 1, and Hillary Clinton, 0.

That’s the final tally of campaign events held in Sioux City over four-plus months after the two presidential nominees and their running mates were finalized at July national Republican and Democratic conventions. Although Clinton did send out a top surrogate, with former president Bill Clinton holding a city riverfront event last week.

Anne Holton, the wife of Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine, also spoke in Sioux City in October.

Certainly, there are still a bounty of advertisements that will run well into Tuesday, as voting is finalized into the evening. But the in-person stops by the Big 4 nominees in Siouxland are at an end.

Over the 2015-16 cycle, Hillary Clinton and Trump, who are locked in a close battle nationally, stopped in Siouxland more than four times each. Trump on Sunday drew the largest crowd of the election cycle, when 4,500 people went to the Sioux City Convention Center. That showed a lot of enthusiasm for Trump, as he drew from well beyond the tri-state area.


There is one more event that will play out by a statewide candidate in Sioux City. Patty Judge, the Democrat seeking to deny another term by U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, will speak at noon Monday in the city.

With Iowa continuing to be a battleground state for the presidential race, Siouxlanders have a lot of chances to see the nominees and top-flight surrogates face-to-face. That’s an amazing opportunity.

Of course, the flip side is that scads of people can’t wait for the 2016 election to be over. Several people shared that sentiment with me over the weekend.