Press must have access to White House -- Anne McGill

May 17, 2019 GMT

This letter to the editor is in response to the White House limiting press passes to “special credentialing,” which means that only those members of the press approved or selected by the president or press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will have access to the White House.

These press censures make us more like North Korea every day. Do you think President Richard Nixon wanted Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to write about Watergate? No. But Nixon didn’t pull the Washington Post’s press credential. That’s because he knew that, according to the Constitution, we have a guarantee of a free press under the First Amendment.

Surely someone could have gotten President Donald Trump to read at least one amendment and explain it to him. Without the press and free speech, we would be citizens of Great Britain now. If you think Congress gets a lot of money, imagine how happy you would be paying for the royal family.


Maybe instead of “MAGA” (Make America Great Again), the hats should say “MANK”: Make America North Korea. In North Korea children are taught to never question the government. Anyone who speaks out against the government or his or her leader is subject to torture and/or death. These recent developments regarding the White House press corp should terrify you.

Anne McGill, Lodi