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December 13, 2020 GMT
Buy Twitter Followers - Image screenshot taken from:
Buy Twitter Followers - Image screenshot taken from:

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 13, 2020 - Buying Twitter followers can bring you more long-term benefits than you think, but we are not talking about bot farms of 10,000 or 20,000 followers that you can buy for the low, LOW price of $5.

We are talking about buying real Twitter followers that will ultimately help you increase your organic reach. Like on Zeru. In business since 2012, they offer packages you can use to buy Twitter followers but also Likes and Retweets to give your account the influence it needs to rise above the fray.

The trick? This can’t be your only strategy. Buying followers is just a first step; Sustainable growth will come from actual work, like tweeting often and optimizing your account and content.

Why a Twitter following matters

With YouTube, Facebook and Instagram constantly vying for the position of the social media site with the most monthly active users, it can sometimes feel pointless to spend time doing anything on Twitter.

That’s a mistake!

Facebook and YouTube might have more virtual footfall but Twitter is not a ghost town either. It has 187 million monetizable daily active users and around 330 million monthly active users. These are numbers significant enough that they can’t be ignored, and they are reason enough to try and build a following on the platform. You have two ways to do that.

The case for buying Twitter followers

Having a high number of followers is a landmark goal if you’re on Twitter but getting there is not that easy. Everything moves so fast and so much content is posted daily that you only have seconds to impress a user enough for them to follow you.

This means having the popularity to get noticed and rise above the noise, and it will take a long time to get there by just tweeting. You need an initial boost. This is where buying Twitter followers comes in but be careful to buy real Twitter followers and not bots.

This is because Twitter has systems in place to weed out fake followings...the kind that acts like a legion of mindless drones but they never really engage with your content. Instead, you should have a strategy to slowly increase your follower count. Like buy 100 or 200 followers, and produce some great content before buying another 200. In time, this makes your account seem important and puts you ahead of the competition.

To make the numbers feel even more real, you can also consider buying Twitter Likes and Retweets, and as users see your Twitter numbers rising, they’ll feel inspired to jump on the bandwagon too. After all, a comedian with 20 followers is an amateur, but one with 1,000 or 2,000 followers is a rising star.

And celebrities and politicians caught up on that fact. According to a site called Twitter Audit, of Donald Trump’s 88.6M followers, some 18M are fake, and he is not alone. The same site found that Katy Perry has 28M fake followers, all in the name of exerting more influence online.

The two ways to buy Twitter followers

If you’re looking to buy real Twitter followers, there are two ways to go about it. One is instant purchase from a service provider like Zeru. They guarantee high-quality followers and the most professional customer support.

Then you have Twitter’s own followers campaign. And if you don’t know what that is, it’s a Twitter ad type you can use to target people with specific interests or in a certain location, and you pay on a per-follow basis.

Now, this is by no means cheap because you’re paying for every new follower you gain, but it is quicker than waiting for your follower count to grow organically.

Our advice? Consider both. Buy followers, the instant purchase kind, to give your account that perceived prestige, and while that works in the background, you can consider running Twitter ads, on and off, to rake in a more targeted audience.

To create a followers campaign:

Once your campaign is done, the results will be stored in your Ads Manager, including metrics like total spend and cost per follow.

Increasing your organic reach

And finally, we look into how you can connect with the audience on Twitter in an organic way. The thing to understand here is that the people on Twitter are more straightforward and dynamic than say on Facebook or Instagram. They are here to discover what’s new, and according to Twitter stats, 53% of people on the platform are sometimes the first to buy new products. So to build an audience and grow a community of loyal followers, you want to:

1. Tweet often

Due to its dynamic nature, the shelf life of a Tweet is only a matter of minutes, so to increase the reach of your content, you need to tweet often and do so throughout the day, as compared to a short burst.

A good number is 15 Tweets a day which, if you don’t plan in advance, can feel overwhelming, but you can just repurpose your best content for a lot of them, because as we covered, Tweets really only have the life of a very short-lived fruit fly.

2. Think timing

Then, of course, timing is everything. If you send the majority of your 15 Tweets when your target audience is sleeping, that won’t help with getting new followers.

On Twitter, most brands see the most engagement on weekdays, and that too, early or late afternoon, but there is no hard and fast rule. You’ll need to schedule your Tweets and study their performance over time to see what patterns emerge and what works best for you.

3. Go visual

It’s been the writing on the wall for a while now: Visual content attracts more attention on social media, and Twitter is no exception. Always couple your Tweets with some sort of image, GIF or meme, or better still, a video which, according to data, is 6 times more likely to be shared.

And always ask yourself this: Is there value in my Tweet? That will help you consistently create great content and ultimately stand out from the crowd. Infographics, how-to articles, event coverage and entertainment are some of the things that work best on Twitter.

4. Think tagging, retweeting and replying

Engaging with people on Twitter is an art in itself that you need to master if you want to increase your follower count. The best ways to do that is tagging, retweeting and replying, and do so often, sending out the message that you’re human and that gets more eyes on your account.

In particular, when replying to Tweets, make sure your response is detailed and thoughtful, as compared to brief one-word replies. This makes you stand out.

5. Optimize your profile

This one means completing your profile and making sure everything looks neat and professional, like your profile photo, your username and your bio. For the latter, you only have 160 characters of real estate, so you want to make every word count.

The idea is to concisely convey what your business is and why users should follow you. Also remember that Twitter bios are searchable, so you want to include information like your website, location, a few keywords and possibly a phone number.

6. Funnel followers from beyond Twitter

And finally, another way to get more followers on Twitter is to channel them from beyond the platform too, like including links on your other social media profiles and using your Twitter handle in your marketing emails.

If the design allows it, you can also embed your Twitter feed on your website; It’s fresh content that’s good for SEO so you really can’t lose.

The bottom-line

All in all, making it on Twitter really comes down to a combination of things.

Take out any of these elements and your Twitter account will take a long time to get the kind of following it needs to make your marketing effective.

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