Letters To The Editor 7/6/018

July 6, 2018 GMT

No checks, balances

Editor: The Republican Party has morphed in to the Party of President Donald Trump. On a daily basis our nation is exposed to his moronic tweets.

Our three branches of government no longer seem to exist. Checks and balances exist no more. There is only one branch and that is the Trump branch. Congress and the Supreme Court have surrendered to him. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire at the end of the month. Trump will not wait until the November elections are over to appoint his next Supreme Court lackey.

Trump and his sycophant followers have shown that they lied about family values and their pro-life position. At the border, they separated families and they have taken children as hostages. What hypocrites. I thought that these crimes were a thing of the past.

I hope that members of Pennsylvanians for Human Life can see that the so-called Republicans running for office are liars. Ignore what the candidates say and judge them on what they have done, which contributes to the destruction of families and pro-life values. Reps. Lou Barletta and Tom Marino are pro-Trump.





History forgotten

Editor: Ed Skorupa (“Truth clouded,” June 28), must suffer from amnesia when he stated that only Democrats are intolerant.

The Republicans bashed President Obama from the minute he took office in 2009. They stated that they would refuse to work with him, denigrating him and his family. Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh hoped the country would fail under Obama. Birthers claimed falsely that he wasn’t American, some believed he was Muslim, the antichrist and other insults. Some called him a “liar” and “boy.” Fox News hosts denigrated first lady Michele Obama.

President Trump mocked Sen. John McCain for being a prisoner of war and made sexually inappropriate comments toward women. He belittled Gold Star parents and insults anyone who disagrees with him.

Republicans seem to have no tolerance for lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender people, women, immigrants and anyone who is not a rich white man. Russian President Vladimir Putin would be so proud.

As for Trump following through on his promises, where is the health care that was going to be better than the Affordable Care Act? What about the border wall that Mexico was going to pay for?

Trump blamed Democrats for the separation of alleged illegal immigrants from their children and many Republicans stated it was the law ( it was a policy). Trump tried to use the children to force Democrats to approve a bill to pay for the wall. After the public uproar, Trump signed an order stopping his own policy. It’s amazing how quickly he was able to do so. I would be ashamed to call myself a Republican. God help us all.




Libraries welcoming


Editor: As a frequent visitor to the Abington Community Library in Clarks Summit, I have seen many important changes take place.

The look of the library from the outside is the first change — there are beautiful, artistic rocks on the lawn made by young library patrons, some of whom are too young to read. These rocks provide a welcoming and colorful presence, making patrons aware that art is everywhere — even at the library.

The second change is the presence of the library’s new director, Sandy Longo, who has made an effort to provide an array of interesting and diverse books, especially for young readers. As a writer of young people’s fiction, I am pleased with the selection of books for teens and am delighted at how many young people use the library now.

A third change I have witnessed is the general good feeling of solidarity and well-being among patrons and staff. The library is not a battleground, but rather a place to engage the intellect and discover what makes the world so interesting. I found myself one afternoon using a computer, surrounded by patrons who accommodated a teen with disabilities by remaining courteous and accepting his challenges. There is also a young man who receives help with reading from a woman and no one at the library frowned upon or admonished him.

In this modern society, we need to remember who among us welcomes us and provides a gentle, stable presence. When you pay your library tax, make it a priority to use the library at least once and to remember the library is always waiting for people in the community to support what it does, who it helps (everyone), and everything it has to offer.




Values cost more

Editor: Starbucks closed for a day in May for training in the coffee chain’s effort to deal with the outcry over the arrest of two men for sitting in a Philadelphia shop without buying anything.

The training included 175,000 employees at more than 8,000 stores.

Starbucks has not said how much the training cost, but it’s quite expensive. Company chairman Howard Schultz stated, “We don’t view it as an expense — we view it as an investment in our people and the long-term culture and values of Starbucks.”

On June 18, an article in the business section of The Times-Tribune stated that Starbucks had raised the price of a coffee in most U.S. stores.

I guess this is payback of the company’s investment in its people and the long-term cultural values at Starbucks.





Parting thoughts

Editor: Believe it or not, you came into this world bald and toothless and then wore a diaper.

Chances are, you could go out the same way.