Simmons: Can Beyhive join the resistance against Trump?

February 17, 2017 GMT

The most effective social media weapon today is not President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. It’s the Beyhive.

Rarely has one group of followers been so focused on defending its beloved heroine as have the Twitter followers who are die-hard fans of Beyonce. Fellow celebrities and others cower at the idea of criticizing her.

The brave souls who do often preface their social media comments with something like, “I know the Beyhive is going to get me, but I don’t care that Beyonce is pregnant with twins.”

Or how about powerhouse singer Adele, whose “25” beat out Beyonce’s “Lemonade” for Best Album at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards. In her acceptance speech, Adele cradled the gold, megaphoned statue and remarked to Beyonce, sitting on the front row:

“My dream and my idol is Queen Bey, and I adore you. You move my soul every single day. And you have done so for nearly 17 years. “


Beyonce’s Beyhive members, with mobile phones in hand, likely grimaced, “Good answer,” while still smacking their lips at the loss.

Indeed, what would the reaction be if the Beyhive did take a more political bend – not just looked on when Beyonce showed up at a Hillary Clinton rally in Florida — but devises a Twitter strategy for Trump’s Republican co-horts in Congress, Trump’s businesses and Trump’s backers.

Now that would be some girl power to behold!

“Grab Your Wallet” has the right idea. The hashtag movement that began in October urges the boycotting of 65 retailers and other businesses that have supported Trump or sell Trump family products. The effort hasn’t been able to impact such targets as Amazon and Macy’s, but the Ivanka Trump brand may be toast.

Nordstrom dropped the brand, and the first daughter’s designs are sitting on the sales rack, being mocked by consumers, at TJ Maxx and Burlington stores.

This is a wonderfully different take on the whole, “Use what we got to get what we want” idea.

And certainly pressure needs to remain on Trump.

He’s likely feeling the pressure, with his original labor secretary selection, fast-food executive Andrew Puzder, having rescinded his nomination, and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn having resigned after just 25 days in office.

Trump needs to feel the heat of more pointed questions about his dealings and his administration. Like, are we to believe that Flynn just dialed up Russian officials on his own? And they chatted about what, the NBA draft? The weather in Red Square?

Our president has put someone who is against public education in charge of Education Department and is seeking to put a surgeon in charge of Housing and Urban Development Department. He has threatened to send troops into Mexico and Syria. His immigration ban has likely created terrorists who our kids will be fighting, and he’s made an enemy of the very intelligence community that we count on to sneak around in foreign countries to dangerously uncover covert secrets that threaten our nation’s safety.

The madness has to stop.

I’m hoping Trump can just tweet that Beyonce is overrated, or that he supports her nemesis, “Becky.”

Until then, here’s to the Beyhive. Hope you join the resistance!