Democrats didn’t want war with Russia -- Mark Quinn

August 28, 2018 GMT

A letter to the editor in last Sunday’s State Journal included a baseless theory that must be addressed.

The writer claimed our country was close to going to war with Russia in 2016, and that Democrats and their candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, wanted war with Russia, which was gearing up to go to war with us. Then along came Donald Trump to save the day.

No evidence shows this country was looking to go to war, or that Clinton favored doing so, or that Russia was set to go to war with America. No evidence whatsoever. Too many Americans get their “news” from the likes of Alex Jones InfoWars and other hate mongers who spew out their “facts” to rile up the far-right base in support of Trump. This cult of supporters seemingly gets its ideas from these dark side blogs or Facebook, ignoring our mainstream media.


This blind band of followers do not believe that Trump has been, and continues to be, a racist, misogynistic individual who has proven to be supremely unqualified to serve as president for all our people. Or, worse, these followers condone his loathsome traits.

Mark Quinn, Madison