Trump rips CNN reporter Jim Acosta in news conference

December 3, 2018 GMT

President Donald Trump shut down questions from a reporter Wednesday and went on to call him a “terrible person.”

Jim Acosta asked the president about his claim that there was an impending invasion by the caravan of refugees making their way through Mexico.

Trump affirmed his belief that the caravan is an invasion of the United States, even though they are not near the border.

Acosta pressed Trump about instilling fear of immigrants to gain a campaign advantage. Trump repeated his assertions and moved on to another reporter’s question.

Acosta interrupted with a second question about the possibility of an investigation into Russian election interference when Trump became agitated and repeated said, “That’s enough.”


Trump told Acosta to put his microphone down.

“You are a rude, terrible person,” Trump said. “You shouldn’t be working for CNN.”