Trump endorses Cox’s bid for GOP nomination for governor

November 23, 2021 GMT

Former president Donald Trump has endorsed Maryland Del. Daniel Cox’s bid for the Republican nomination for governor.

Trump’s endorsement Monday described Cox as a “tough lawyer and smart businessman” who “fought against the Rigged Presidential Election every step of the way,” The Washington Post reported. The endorsement brings national attention to the primary race and highlights two different visions for the Republican Party.

In addition to fighting the certification of 2020 presidential election results, Cox sued Republican Gov. Larry Hogan to challenge stay-at-home orders.

Trump took aim at Cox’s opponent Kelly Schulz, saying she was “handpicked by her ‘boss,’” Hogan, and calling him a “RINO” or ”Republican In Name Only.”


Hogan noted Trump’s loss in Maryland to now-President Joe Biden in a response on Twitter.

“Personally, I’d prefer endorsements from people who didn’t lose Maryland by 33 points,” he tweeted.

Dirk Haire, the head of the state Republican Party, noted that polls show Maryland’s Republicans support both Trump and Hogan and said the race would come down to how well Schulz, Cox and Robin Ficker lay out their visions.

Mike Demkiw, a Schulz campaign spokesman, said Schulz is “the only Republican who can win this race.”

Cox didn’t return a call from The Washington Post seeking comment.