Auction for VIP view of ex-Trump casino implosion nets $16K

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — It wasn’t nearly the $1 million that Atlantic City’s mayor had hoped for, but an auction for VIP viewing of the implosion of a former casino built by former President Donald Trump brought in over $16,000 on Wednesday.

Mayor Marty Small said 10 packages that included VIP tickets to view the Feb. 17 implosion of the former Trump Plaza casino, along with overnight stays and dinners, went for a combined total of $6,375.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino also donated $10,000. Proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City.

Small originally planned an auction for the right to press the button that would dynamite the former casino, opened in 1984 by the former president, who at the time was a real estate developer.

But the current owner of the property, Carl Icahn, objected on safety grounds, and got an auction house to cancel the bids. Icahn said he would replace the $175,000 that had already been bid with his own money.