Tillerson was needed to moderate Trump -- Richard Berg

March 18, 2018 GMT

Now that Rex Tillerson, one of the few genuine adults in Donald Trump’s administration, has been kicked out, the upcoming talks with North Korea will take on even greater risk with our petulant man-child alone calling the shots in the Oval Office.

I suspect Kim Jong Un has, by now, figured out the way to pander to our man-child’s fragile ego. If the talks end up being held on the Korean peninsula, watch out for the majestic “Welcome to Korea Parade” that will be put on in honor of the orange man from America. We know the man-child loves a good parade and might easily be swayed by watching flatbeds displaying North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles rolled down the street in his honor.

And we will all be left wondering why all the adults have left while the kids remain unsupervised in the White House.

Richard Berg, Middleton