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Dua Lipa: Fashion’s been like a shield for me

January 8, 2018 GMT

Dua Lipa says fashion has been like a “shield” for her at times.

The ‘New Rules’ hitmaker feels “invincible” sometimes because of her fashion choices and says expressing herself through her style has been a way of finding herself.

She said: “Occasionally, fashion can make you feel invincible. I don’t know if it’s ever saved me, but it’s felt like a shield at times. I think it’s been a tool to finding myself, and expressing myself, in a way that I could never do in words ...

“It’s an extension of who I am. And even though I’m sometimes more extravagant than others, it’s how I express myself ... You’re allowed to be whatever you choose to be and whatever you want to put out into the world. And I don’t think anybody’s really allowed to tell you can and can’t wear.”

And the 22-year-old singer hates putting herself in a “box” style wise.

She added: “I’ve never really wanted to put myself in a box and say, This is my style and these are my style staples. I love to experiment and play around. It’s kind of like music: The sound doesn’t just include the face of the artist. And the artist should wear the clothes, not the other way around. Fashion can’t be forced.”


The ‘Be The One’ singer likes to experiment with her fashion choices.

She told Refinery29: “I always try to find designers that are up and coming, especially when I’m in a certain city. If I was in Berlin, for example, I’d try to wear designers from there.

“It’s important to explore and try new things, and grow with those designers that are up and coming since I’m an up-and-coming artist, too. This way, we can grow and change together.”