Italian police seize tons of illegal fireworks in Naples

December 31, 2019 GMT

ROME (AP) — Italy’s police have seized tons of illegal fireworks in Naples and surrounding areas in the weeks ahead of New Year’s celebrations, which often cause hundreds of injuries across the country.

In several operations, police seized 52 tons of fireworks and arrested 11 people, it said in a statement on Tuesday.

The largest amount of illicit fireworks — 30 tons — was confiscated in Giugliano, a town close to Naples, with a total value of about half a million euros ($500,000).

Naples has a longstanding tradition of both public and private fireworks displays at New Year’s Eve and often suffers the grimmest toll of people injured in the midnight frenzy.


Last year fireworks hurt 216 people, causing 44 to be hospitalized, across Italy during New Year’s celebrations, despite bans in many cities.