Bill allowing beer sales with curbside groceries moves on

January 28, 2020 GMT

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A bill allowing people in South Carolina to use a shopping service to buy beer and wine as well as groceries and have them delivered to their car is a step closer to being passed.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill Tuesday after agreeing to changes including prohibiting the sale of chilled beer or wine that might be more temping to drink on the way home.

The bill also requires employees to check the identification of the person picking up the alcohol and record the ID and the time and date of the purchase.


Supporters of the bill said a number of other Southern states already allow beer and wine with online grocery buying and it is inconvenient to force a customer to have all their food delivered, but then go inside for beer and wine.

Four senators on the committee voted against the bill, including Sen. Dick Harpootlian who said penalties like allowing officials to suspend the license of a business that sells to underage customers or don’t follow the rules on their first violation won’t be enforced because the few agents who investigate breaking alcohol laws are overwhelmed.

“It looks good. It sounds good. Won’t work,” the Columbia Democrat said. “It won’t be enforced.”

The bill now heads to the full Senate.

A similar bill has been proposed in the House.