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Dahmer Testifies Boy Had Drill Hole in Skull When Cops Questioned Him

April 6, 1993 GMT

MILWAUKEE (AP) _ Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer testified he had already injected diluted acid into a boy’s skull once when police found the teen-ager wandering dazed and naked in the street.

A second injection after officers left the 14-year-old with him killed the youth, Dahmer told lawyers taking depositions Monday in a lawsuit filed by relatives of the slain boy.

The family of Konerak Sinthasomphone is suing the city and three police officers, including two who were fired over the incident. The third officer, a rookie, was put on probation for a year. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.


Neighbors who called police in May 1991 told officers the naked youth was a boy and that he was bleeding. Dahmer convinced police Sinthasomphone was an adult and his lover.

″The story I used was he was a house guest, a friend who sometimes drinks too much and runs out in the street naked,″ Dahmer testified.

Dahmer later described how, after drugging his some of his victims, he would drill a tiny hole into their skulls ″just enough to open a passageway to the brain.″ He said he then injected hyudrochloric acid to induce a ″zombie-like state.″

His testimony indicated police failed to spot the hole he had drilled in the youth’s skull. After the officers left, he said he gave the boy another injection that killed him.

″I listened for a heartbeat right after I injected him and there was none,″ Dahmer testified. ″I wasn’t trying to kill him but that’s what happened.″

Four more victims died before he was caught in July 1991. Police found human skulls, severed heads and other body parts in his apartment.

Dahmer, who admitted to killing 17 young men and boys since 1978, was sentenced to a life prison term in February 1992.