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Gunman’s Wife Doesn’t Grieve For Slain Husband

April 17, 1986 GMT

MIAMI (AP) _ The estranged wife of a suspected bank robber slain during a shootout with FBI agents says she does not grieve for her husband and thinks the ″FBI did me a favor by taking him out.″

Christy Lou Matix, 29, said she had no idea her husband, William Matix, may have been involved with up to six bank and armored car robberies. Matix was fatally shot April 11 in a gunbattle that left two FBI agents dead and five others wounded.

″I have the exact same questions everyone else had,″ she said Wednesday in her first public comment since the shootout. ″How could it be? Why didn’t anyone know? He was a master of deceit and disguise.″


Matix, 34, was known as a born-again Christian who liked making wooden toys and started a tree-trimming business shortly after marrying Cristy Horne in May. Within two months Mrs. Matix, pregnant with her first child, moved out of the house.

″I didn’t understand why I left,″ she said. ″It went against everything I believe in about family and children. Now I know: The Lord took me out of there.″

The divorce was pending when Matix and his longtime friend, Michael L. Platt, 32, opened fire on eight FBI agents who tried to stop their car after it was identified as stolen and possibly used in a bank robbery.

The gunbattle killed Matix and Platt and FBI agents Benjamin Grogan, 53, and Jerry Dove, 30.

″I don’t grieve for Bill. In fact, I guess the FBI did me a favor by taking him out,″ Mrs. Matix said. ″I grieve for the families of the agents who were slain.″

Meanwhile, the daughter of wounded FBI agent Gordon McNeill said her father would suffer emotionally from the shootout.

″My father had guilt even though it wasn’t his fault. Those (agents) were his friends,″ said Suzanne McNeill, 17.

″The really strange thing is that this guy, Matix, lives nine blocks away,″ she said. ″My dad was after him for so long, chasing him all around town, and he probably passed him on his jog.″