Julianne Moore is ‘proudest’ of her children

November 25, 2017 GMT

Julianne Moore hails her family as the thing she is “proudest” of in her life.

The 56-year-old actress has admitted the one thing she is most pleased with in her life is her 15-year-old daughter Liv and her 19-year-old son Caleb - who she has with her husband Bart Freundlich - because she believes they are “really nice kids”.

The red-headed beauty told Metro newspaper: “The thing I am proudest of is my family in my life.

“Our kids are healthy and happy and they’re really nice kids.”

The ‘Still Alice’ star is also filled with pride for her brood because they are studious, have a “lot of interests” even outside of school, and are popular teenagers.


She added: “They do well in school. They have a lot of friends, they have a lot of interests.”

Julianne has revealed her family are her main “priority” and she will do her best to spend as much time as a foursome as she can.

She said: “The four of us spend a lot of time together. So I think, as a parent, that’s all you can do: make your family a priority and spend time with each other.”

Julianne received her dual citizenship for the UK and USA in 2011, and being able to jet to England filled her with excitement.

She said: “The very first time I came to London with my British passport, I had just received it and someone said, ‘Darling, darling ... you’re in the wrong line.’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m not’. It was very exciting.”

But the star still considers America to be her home.

The North Carolina-born star said: “I’m an American, that’s where I live.”