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San Benito looks at prep students for college, careers

April 11, 2017 GMT

SAN BENITO — Another meeting, another update.

For the past year, the San Benito school district has been updating the public on the direction of the Re-Imagine 2021 Five-Year Strategic Plan.

Tonight is no different.

P-20 is education from pre-kindergarten to graduate school. Tonight, the community will be able to hear an update on the P-20 portion of the plan.

The Re-Imagine 2012 plan has been in the works for almost a year, with school staff, teachers, parents, students and business leaders contributing to a draft plan.

It was approved by the board in July and school officials have been implementing the changes ever since.


Superintendent Adrian Vega will provide an update on the plan at a school board meeting tonight. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the administration board room at 240 N. Crockett St.

Under P-20, there are five main goals that are to be implemented over the next five years.

This portion focuses on many things, including all-day programs, college readiness, rebranding, testing and opportunities beyond high school.

Priority One

The San Benito school district will implement a developmentally appropriate and aligned curriculum for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students with quality instruction supported through targeted professional development, which ensures students are post-secondary ready.

Priority Two

The school district will create a community network with local governments, institutions of higher education, and community organizations to eliminate barriers for post secondary success.

Priority Three

The school district will create a culture that promotes and emphasizes the importance of academic preparedness and supports the belief that a post-secondary education is critical and attainable for all students.

Priority Four

The school district will support college and career readiness opportunities in academic offerings in order to provide academic knowledge and preparation students will need for success in college and careers.

Priority Five

The school district will ensure early and continuous exposure to college and careers for all students.

Specifics to obtaining these goals consist of implementing a full day pre-kindergarten program, developing the district’s brand, investing in a college readiness curriculum, test preparedness for all students and providing guidance and counseling on college and career.

Several of the district’s goals have already been implemented. The community will be able to learn more tonight.