Assembly passes Lyme disease brochure bill

February 21, 2020 GMT

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin wildlife officials would have to include information on Lyme disease in state park brochures and run an annual awareness campaign about the tick-borne disease under a bill The state Assembly passed Thursday.

The bipartisan measure would require the Department of Natural Resources to include information about the disease in any state park brochures it produces. The brochure must include information on how to prevent tick bites and encourage visitors to check for ticks after they leave.


The bill also would require the DNR to conduct a public awareness campaign on Lyme disease every May using digital platforms, the department’s website and magazine and social media.

The Assembly passed the bill on a voice vote. The Senate passed it in October. It now goes to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers for his signature.

The governor signed two bills dealing with Lyme disease into law last month. The bills require the DNR to post signs warning visitors about Lyme disease in every state park, trail, recreation area and forests and allow the department to sell insect repellent in state parks and forests.