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Mr. Ed Theme Conveys Satanic Message, Evangelist Say

April 24, 1986 GMT

IRONTON, Ohio (AP) _ Church members singing ″Oh, How I Love Jesus″ burned record albums, cassettes, and other rock and country music paraphernalia after attending a seminar in which an evangelist said the ″Mr. Ed″ television theme conveys a satanic message to unwary listeners.

Jim Brown, an evangelist at Psalms 150 in South Point, said the Mr. Ed theme extols Satan when the record is played backwards.

″A Horse is a Horse,″ contains the backward messages ″the source is Satan″ and ″someone sung this song for Satan,″ Brown said during the seminar at the First Church of the Nazarene in Ironton.

About 75 teen-agers attended the record burning following the Tuesday night seminar.