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The Magic Johnson Johnson Workout

February 5, 1996 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The 27 pounds Magic Johnson added during his absence from the NBA didn’t get there because he became a couch potato.

He worked on his body for more than three years under the guidance of bodybuilder Marchell Henry.

A typical workout consists of four sets for each exercise, with 12 repetitions in the first set, 10 in the next, eight in the third and six to eight in the last.

Henry described a typical Magic routine for the chest:

_ Bench press: 135 pounds in the first set, followed by 185, 205 and finally 225 pounds.


_ Dumbbell incline: 65 pounds, 70, 75-80, 85.

_ Cable cross: Four sets of varying weight.

_ Flys using a machine: Four sets of varying weight.

But Henry said no gym or court work could prepare Johnson for grueling professional play, with its combination of flat-out racing, sudden stops and turns.

``He got in the best shape he could get in before going to the next level,″ Henry said. ``Now it’s just gonna take time to get his timing back. It won’t take him long.″