Small Michigan county goes back to the win column for Trump

BELLAIRE, Mich. (AP) — President Donald Trump didn’t win Michigan, but he can put a small county in the victory column after an unusual second look at the results.

Trump defeated Joe Biden in Antrim County, getting 56% of the vote, according to revised totals posted Thursday. Republican John James was the favorite in the Senate race.

“It certainly makes a lot more sense with people who are familiar with Antrim County,” said Jeremy Scott, deputy county administrator.

Questions were raised after the county first reported a local landslide for Biden, a Democrat, in an area that usually votes Republican. Officials acknowledged the results seemed “skewed” and promised a second look. More than 16,000 votes were cast.

It wasn’t a full recount of every ballot. Scott said results that were spit out by vote machines were tallied again.

“The machine itself counted the ballots correctly,” he said.

Scott said officials were working with the company that provides election software and hardware to determine what happened.