Kirsten Gillibrand to rally Sunday at Trump Hotel: ‘We’re building a movement to defeat him’

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said she will take her presidential campaign to President Trump’s “doorstep” with a rally Sunday in front of Trump International Hotel in New York.

“No other candidate has done something like this,” boasted Ms. Gillibrand in an email to supporters. “We’re rallying at Trump’s doorstep to send a message loud and clear: We’re together, we’re brave and we’re building a movement to defeat him.”

The New York Democrat vowed to “defeat Trump and reject his hate-fueled agenda.”

The rally would kick-off her campaign, she said.

Ms. Gillibrand first announced her intention to run Jan. 15 on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” The official announcement came Sunday in a video message, followed by a campaign swing through Iowa.

The rally outside Trump International Hotel is guaranteed to draw media attention to Ms. Gillibrand amid a crowded field of Democratic candidates.

“When we tell Trump enough is enough, I want him to hear your voice along with mine,” she said in the email message.